Cattle in Pasture

Our family has been here for over 300 years and the land is part of our DNA.

It is our bloodline.

It is where our family have come from for generations.  We have a policy and most Irish farming families do, and that is to hand the land on to the next generation in a better place than when you got it. 

What does this mean for us in 2020? 

It means we have to think outside the box and it means we have to come up with another alternative way of making our land, the land of our ancestors more profitable and viable business for the future. 


Our Story

Cummins Family.

Here for centuries

& will be here for centuries more!

Sheep Farm

Our family have always had a beef and sheep enterprise. 

In a bid to allow 3 generations make a profit from  the land, we have introduced the house cricket.

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Cricket Farming in Ireland Contact Us

At the moment there are 3 generations of the Cummins Family living here in the homestead. 

We strive for perfection and to improve the legacy of our land, leaving it for the future generations to enjoy

Generational Game