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Ireland's First Cricket Farm
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Celtic Cricket Farm is 

Ireland's first cricket farm.

Our vision is to diversify our family farming enterprise, 

introducing a new sustainable stream of income whilst keeping a blue print for our environment, farming with biodiversity at the center, mindfully reducing our carbon footprint and proudly accomplishing a complete single estate operation.


Skahanrane, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow   |   087 707 2835   |   celticcricketfarm@gmail.com

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Entomophagy  is the practice of eating insects by humans.

Even if you don’t think that you want to veer into the world of Entomophagy, We’ve got news for you: you already have!

On average, you eat 500g of insects each year in products such as pasta, cakes and bread.

It is just not worth the energy to remove every fragment of insect when harvesting crops.


Like chocolate? Well, you may be eating up to 60 fragments of insects in every 100g of chocolate and, whenever you eat a fig, you are eating remnants of the fig wasp that pollinated it.

But, casual entomophagy aside, over 2 billion people around the world eat insects regularly (and on purpose) – those who don’t are the odd ones out!

Edible insects are a staple part of the diet in 80% of the worlds countries. Deep fried locusts are an everyday delicacy in countries such as Thailand, while chapulines (Mexican red grasshoppers) are a favourite snack in South America. The North West of Europe is slowly waking up to insects as a sustainable food source with entomophagy becoming a hot topic in popular culture. Countries such the Netherlands and America are currently at the forefront of the modern entomophagy revolution, but we want Ireland to become the new home of edible insects!

This is the future and with population across the globe on a sharp rise, Entomophagy is the answer to the protein shortage that is forecast!

High in Protein

Low in Fat

High in Calcium

Vitamin B12

Source of Omega 3 & 6

Gluten FREE

High in Iron

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For Feed 

As you can imagine, crickets are not only good for humans, Animals enjoy eating insects too!

PROTEIN are nutrients we can’t live without (essential). They are building blocks for body tissue and they can also serve as a fuel source.

The same applies to animals.

Which animals eat insects?

You can feed the following animals with crickets:

  • Birds - It is recommended to increase the birds protein intake when they molt

  • Reptiles - they love eating insects

  • Fish - Crickets are used both for bait, as well as fish feed

  • Some mammals- over 450 mammal species eat bugs including cats and dogs

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The global insect ediabe food market is expected to exceed $740 M (€652 M) by 2024.

In 2017 the market was  estimated worth $55 M (€46 M).

The growth potential is astronomical. 

It could be the answer to the rural farms of Ireland who are struggling to make ends meat with a small holding of land and a dry stock farming enterprise

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